China is the fastest growing large economy in the world and with it grows the elite middle class of this country. China, today, has one of the largest youth populations of the world, second only to India. This young generation that has grown upon the rising world economy and which has seen more and more western cultural exposure has become more beauty and fashion conscious than their previous generations.


Today, the market for cosmetics in China, is predominantly held by local brands but there are certain foreign brands which has made a huge headway into the industry. South Korea is the main nation that has made considerable inroads into the beauty industry with its myriad number of products. With the advent of new notion of beauty, in the mainland, teenagers are now fast looking for options online in the e-commerce sites to buy and other beauty tips sites to learn. So, a company that is looking to penetrate this nascent market has to combine both these avenues and should cater to their needs together.

A massive beauty related site which has a lot tutorials on the basics of beauty, foundation, makeup and that has links to buy these materials in the same website can bring about a good amount of traffic into the site and hence a considerable amount of conversion to get a high revenue. An e-commerce website that caters to the cosmetics in China has to be marketing itself not on Face book but on Weibo. Similarly, it is a separate world, where the Google cannot do any wonder and one should look up to the Baidu for the search engine optimization. The local favorite is the WeChat, Chinese counterpart of Whatsapp. This in particular has been a revolutionary change in the way the Chinese perceive and perform e-commerce transaction as it is an integral payment method which is not only easy for the customers but also safe and quick. A website looking forward to get inside the cosmetic industry of China has to understand the abovementioned things and should make itself WeChat ready to take on the Chinese bull by its horns.

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